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La Grande School District recognizes that full-time, in-person school may not be the best fit for all students and families. La Grande Virtual Learning Academy (LVLA) provides online (K-12) and home school (K-5) curriculum for families that want to provide a home-based school experience supported by certified teachers and staff. By choosing LVLA, students can participate in a program that works! Full-time or hybrid schedules can be developed for the best individualized program for your student.

Free of cost and includes:

  • Qualified teachers

  • Self-paced or teacher-determined instructional options

  • Online or physical curriculum based on screen-time preferences

  • Connection to qualified case managers and services for identified students

  • Curriculum options

  • Access to Learning Labs and on-demand staff support

Families may piece together an experience, such as:

  • Full-time LVLA enrollment

  • Part-time LVLA enrollment while remaining a student of their traditional school

  • Attending in-person electives while enrolled in LVLA for core classes


La Grande Virtual Learning Academy Learning Labs provide a quiet place to work and a place to get help from a teacher, if needed. K-8th grade students can access the lab located in Willow Elementary at 1305 N Willow Street. Students may come between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm to work on assignments, take tests, or receive help from Mrs. Banes.

9-12th grade students can access the lab located at the LHS Options Center on the corner of 2nd Street and M Avenue. Students can come between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm to work on assignments, take tests, or receive help from Ms. Richards.

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Willow Elementary LVLA Lab K-8

Weekly Programming

La Grande Virtual Learning Academy offers opportunities to have fun while learning! STEM events and art projects are favorites of LVLA students. See our newsletters to learn more about what our students have experienced and what is coming up.

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LVLA Staff

Photo of Kelly Richards

Kelly Richards

Kelly Richards is a fifth-generation Oregonian who grew up in a family of educators. In fact, her grandmother and great-grandmother both graduated from La Grande High School. Teaching is a second career for her; she attended Oregon State University, earned an art degree, and spent several years working as a graphic designer. Later, while living in Texas, she attended the University of Texas to earn her initial teaching license as a general educator for 4th-8th grade. As the 9th-12th grade coordinator, she has a classroom where she welcomes online students to come for help or to enjoy a quiet place to study. She loves getting to know her students both online and in person and she learns just as much from them as they do from her. Kelly is the proud mom of two sons, both in college. One getting his PhD in geology and one is studying organic chemistry. When not teaching, she likes to walk, read, hang out with family, and garden.

Photo of Megan Banes

Megan Banes

Megan received her Elementary Education and K-12 Library Media degrees from Western Oregon University and taught library media in three Oregon districts (including LGSD) and one Washington district. She was inspired to teach by the work of her grandmother, mother, and aunt, all of whom chose teaching pathways. Megan receives a lot of joy from teaching and strives to make meaningful connections with staff, students and parents. She is excited to be the K-8 Virtual Academy Teacher for LGSD. Megan appreciates that she was able to return to the Grande Ronde Valley, lives in the house she grew up in, and has her mother as her neighbor. Her home is in the country where she enjoys flower gardening, fishing and kayaking. When she is indoors, she likes reading, crafting and genealogy.  She, her daughter (currently a teacher in the Central School District 13J), aunt, and mother enjoy traveling together – whether roaming far or near.  The librarian in Megan relishes researching and planning for their excursions.