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La Grande School District recognizes that full-time, in-person school may not be the best fit for all students and families. La Grande Virtual Learning Academy (LVLA) provides online (K-12) and home school (K-5) curriculum for families that want to provide a home-based school experience supported by certified teachers and staff. By choosing LVLA, students can participate in a program that works! Full-time or hybrid schedules can be developed for the best individualized program for your student.

Free of cost and includes:

  • Qualified teachers

  • Self-paced or teacher-determined instructional options

  • Online or physical curriculum based on screen-time preferences

  • Connection to qualified case managers and services for identified students

  • Curriculum options

  • Access to Learning Labs and on-demand staff support

Families may piece together an experience, such as:

  • Full-time LVLA enrollment

  • Part-time LVLA enrollment while remaining a student of their traditional school

  • Attending in-person electives while enrolled in LVLA for core classes

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HOME LINK is an option provided by the La Grande Schools district to LGSD K-5 families who choose to educate their children at home.

  • No cost to participating families

  • High quality, traditional paper and pencil curriculum

  • Curriculum kits curated by Timberdoodle or Oak Meadow

  • LGSD's local, certified teacher provides:

    • Daily attendance check-ins

    • Weekly pacing

    • Regular progress feedback

    • Family and student support

Home Link is about choices and options!

  • Enroll in Home Link for all subjects or

  • Enroll in Home Link for a few subjects and take some LVLA online courses or

  • Enroll in Home Link for a few subjects and take in-person classes at your neighborhood school or

  • Maintain traditional homeschool enrollment through IMESD for some subjects and Home Link for the other subjects.