Students in a classroom doing a yoga pose.

La Grande High School 


Spanish Students Stretch Their Minds and Bodies with Yoga!

Yoga mats and students balancing on one foot aren’t typically what you see in a foreign language class, but students in Mr. Rangel’s Spanish 2 class recently practiced Spanish names for parts of the body by doing Yoga. With borrowed mats from the PE room, Rangel played a video and the students listened for the instructions in Spanish, telling them about deep breathing, stretching and balance.

Rangel said the Yoga is another way to help students remember the Spanish words they recently learned for hands, feet, legs, shoulders, etc. “This offers a more physical response to their learning, hearing the Spanish while also exercising, getting Social Emotional Learning form it and building class community,” Rangel said. 

Amid some mild groaning when bending down to touch their toes, most students seemed to enjoy the Yoga. Sophomore Keath Jones said “it was pretty easy and not too bad and it was pretty calming, so I guess it did what it was supposed to.”

Rangel said he will only have Yoga for a couple of class sessions, but feels it’s a great way for anyone to start their day.